When a plan comes together.

I’ve been planning my own crochet design for a while now and it just hasn’t been taking shape, until this morning. It was all about shapes, I was thinking in curves when I should have been looking for angles. It was like knocking down a brick wall and racing ahead. It was a literal block that I worked through, finally.

Breaking down a project to its base shapes takes the mystery out of it. A blanket can seem daunting but one square? easy peasy! Then another and another and voila you have a blanket. When I first started looking at crochet patterns like this, it was a revelation. It makes the impossible become possible. This was why I learnt to read charts, I wanted to see what the shape of things were and how they were built. Charts show you that in a way that a paragraph of instructions simply can’t.

Shape is only one thing that makes a pattern catch our eye. ┬áColour, texture and size play a big role too. Although I’ve worked out my shape issue, and the colour’s already decided, I’m still swaying when it comes to size and texture. Its an animal design so any size could work, but I know somehow that there’s a perfect size, if only I could work it out. At the moment the prototype make you go hmm, that’s quite nice, but I want it to make people say OMG! how cute is that!!!!!

I guess its the difference between a crochet toy and amigurumi. They’re the same on paper, but in reality, one is a cute toy and the other is just way cuter.

The texture is dependant on the size, and plays a big part in the cuteness factor. Fluffy is cute, super smooth can be cute, but in between, meh!

I want to write more but the patterns just not quite ready to share. Neither am I, really. The idea of sharing my ideas and creations is really challenging me to finish pieces and be open about what I’m working on. One day soon, it’ll be finished and I’ll take a deep breath, probably close my eyes & press post. And that will be that.


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