The second post.

Todays been a bittersweet day. The weathers been mild & bright, I had a rare chance to walk both my own 9 month old puppy and my mums 13 year old jack Russell, with the help of my 19 year old son Chris.
Poppy is lovely wee thing. Confident & friendly, tolerant towards my bouncy lab and the best at cuddling  I’ve ever cuddled. Somewhere between the grassy field and the newly ploughed back field, Poppys back leg gave way. Chris thought she’d perhaps stood on a stinging nettle and carried her back to the house, while I continued to walk Jax but my heart plummeted.  I’ve often joked that poppy is my hairy wee sister but to some extent it’s true. She’s stayed over at my house loads and my kids love her as much as they love our Jax.
By the time I got home she was walking normally and had a play about with Jax before I took her home. I sat for a while and played on the floor a bit with her, knowing that one day, maybe soon, maybe not, she wont be here.
I’m don’t mean to be a misery guts, having animals in my life is a huge blessing and helps keep me connected to nature, reminding me of my place on the earth.  My place is no lesser or greater than that of Poppy. We’re both equals, and just as she has comforted me on many occasions, I’ll give her what comfort I can, whether it’s going for walks, giving her cuddles, for as long as she needs it x


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