Work in Progress – results at last.

WP_20170525_15_53_44_ProI hope you’re all having a great summer, its been incredibly warm here in Northumberland! Obviously, not too hot to crochet. I’ve finished the pixel Ironman blanket & the heidibears hippo. I love finally finishing any project, especially one that’s taken as long as this blanket. Both items already have good homes & I’m ready to start something new ūüėĀ


My fav (non crafty) Podcasts

I love listening to stuff when I’m crocheting. Mostly, I listen to audiobooks. Terry Pratchett & Anne Rice are firm favourites.

Sometimes, though, I fancy something a bit different. That’s where podcasts come in. They keep me amused & it’s like passive learning (if it’s good enough for Eddie Izzard, it’s good enough for me, lol)

Here’s whats in my ears just now, so to speak!

  1. Dave Ramsey – Love, love, love Mr Ramsey. ¬†If you don’t know who he is, FIND OUT. He’s matter of fact & funny. When it comes to finances, DO IT THE DAVE RAMSEY WAY.
  2. Problogger – Found this last week & WOW. This is chalk a block with blogging advice. Can’t recommend highly enough. Nice aussie accent as well ūüôā
  3. Ferndog podcast – great for when your walking your pooch, there’s even ‘training while you walk’ episodes. Now, if only I could get Jax to listen to it too.
  4. Ask a clean person The podcast – I listen to this when I’m doing the housework, because I need all the help I can get. Jolie Kerr presents it & lets face it, anyone who writes a book called ‘My boyfriend barfed in my handbag….and other things you can’t ask Martha’ is going to be worth a listen!
  5. Casual Preppers – what to do when the end is near, and you really can’t¬†be a*sed! Cyber attacks, Zombies, plagues, these 2 dudes¬†cover it all. Funny & kinda weird, they are an acquired taste, but definitely worth a listen for the banter.


Poppy passed away on Saturday. She had a brain tumour & in the end, mum had to say the thing that Poppy couldn’t. That’s the deal when we have a dog. They give us their hearts unconditionally & one day, even though it breaks ours, we tell them it’s OK to go on without us.

Run on ahead, Pop, we’ll catch up one day.


100 days have been & gone.

Remember back in January I said I’d post 100 times in 100 days?

Obviously, I didn’t reach my target (more on that later!) but I thought I’d share how I did & what I’ve learnt.

Posting every day is incredibly difficult if I don’t have a plan. I didn’t twig onto this til recently. ¬†What can I say, I’m a slow learner ūüôā

From January 30th to May 10th (100 days) I made 61 posts. My best month was February, 28 in 28 days. Quite a few posts were made late at night.

OK, OK, a lot of my earlier posts were made late at night &¬†some are what I’d call ‘fluffy’, kinda like diary entries for days where not much happened.

80% of my posts were made from my phone. It’s a Nokia Lumia & although its a great wee phone, its not the best for blogging. It was handy, so I used it. I’m more likely to have my phone handy at 11pm (when I’ve remembered the blog) than the laptop. So, if you’re a new blogger TOP TIP – Don’t post from your phone unless you have to. It’s great for drafting & I recommend you DO draft posts whenever you get a few minutes spare. But for posting and editing, I’m sticking to the laptop for now.

FACT – getting out of the habit of blogging is much easier than getting into the habit of blogging.

I didn’t really put much thought into what the purpose of my blog is. Don’t worry though, I’ve worked this one out.

So far, I’ve found blogging to be really enjoyable, and have I mentioned how lovely my readers are? they’re fabulous!

So, what are you going to do now, Trish? I hear you all ask

Firstly. There’s going to be a few posts today. There’s crochet stuff & sad stuff I want to share. It’ll be better done in separate posts.

Secondly. I’m working out a schedule. It wont be every day, because, you know, stuff happens. There will be significantly more crochet related stuff & it’ll be organised. Some posts might even be scheduled ūüôā I know, fancy, right?

Finally. There will be less ‘life’ posts. So, for now, Jax & the fish¬†say adieu. They’ll still pop up on instagram, but they’ll only be occasional visitors here.

I’m on a tea break just now, then I’ll post the answers for the word search.

Whatever’s happening after that, I’ll keep you posted xxx


Everything has been put on hold, even my happypotamous. I’m frantically crocheting, my complete focus on this new pattern.
Because we’ve a wedding to go to soon & I need a shrug.
I’ve settled on a lovely one from garn studio.

It’s one of those things that’s been on my to do list for ages.

TO DO – crochet a shrug that I can wear, at some point before I need it. Something that covers my aging tattoos. If it helps me keep warm too, it’s a bonus ūüôā

I’ll post an update when I can ūüėČ

Amigurumi wordsearch

Aviary Photo_131382246392371225It’s been a while since I’ve posted a word search so I thought I’d do one on my favourite type of crochet…amigurumi.

Here’s the just of¬† cute critters –

Enjoy xxx