This is your morning post.

I meant to post yesterday, really I did. But then I saw Tom hardy in Taboo & everything completely slipped my mind
So, todays going to be like the 80’s.
2 posts in the one day 😎
I found a half finished project, from when I was in Crete. I think it was going to be a granny square shrug but I’m not feeling it now. I wanted to make something for me to wear & I’m not sure a shrug fits the bill. I suspect some frogging is in the near future. The yarn is a lovely Drops one, but I can’t remember exactly which one (I’ll find out & fill you in later.
I managed to do a lot of this in flight, which just goes to show that some airlines totally respect crocheters (if they have wooden hooks). I’ve got a 6mm hook in the bag with this one but I vaguely remember ‘borrowing’ the original one.



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