5 ways to bring crochet into your life.

Today the sun has been shining. the daffodils and snowdrops are peeking through and there’s a tentative taste of spring in the air.

Around this time I start looking round the house in the fresh light and starting to change things. The downstairs stash gets cleared out, the winter greens and reds packed away and replaced with lemons, sky blues and the shades that lead to summer. Wandering round the house I find umpteen DIY jobs to do, I love painting, sanding & decorating. Changing the feel of a room without actually changing much always makes me smile. Even my wardrobe gets a thorough going over, but its here I struggle. I’ve been in  a casual phase for nearly a year, long sleeved tees, jeans, trainers or boots, hoodies. In general, clothes I can walk the dog in without worrying about him pulling, biting, chewing or jumping up on. Nothing fancy, nothing requiring specialist cleaning, and definitely nothing that I’m too attached to. But the dog is getting bigger, and better behaved and that means I can focus more on my wardrobe. There’s nothing in my wardrobe that  I’ve made myself. For some reason that’s been getting to me recently. I’d say  80% of the things I crochet don’t stay in the house, and the things that do (blankets mostly) get claimed and held hostage in various teenagers rooms. So, I’ve been looking at ways to bring more crochet into MY life, for a change. Here’s some of my ideas:

*Make a bag – there’s lots of patterns out there but my favourite is the granny square one.

*Think bigger – instead of hats and scarves, think tops, cardigans and jackets.

*make the home a showpiece – Soft furnishing, pouffes, plant pot covers, cushions, rugs, there’s plenty ways to bring crochet in to a room

* Jewellery – making bracelets, necklaces and pendants with crocheted wire and beads.

*Celebrations – make bunting, place mats, napkins that become heirlooms. When its time to party, make it crochet.

I’m going to give most of these a go this year, I won’t say all because I know I’ll get distracted, all crocheters do.




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