What a to do (list)

I was looking around today and realised there’s a few works in progress hibernating in various rooms. This, along with my new found desire to crochet all gifts, made me realise that I don’t actually kept track of my work beyond what I do day to day. I want to progress and improve in my craft, so this simply won’t do. This is a round up of what’s on the go just now
* Iron man pixel blanket – it’s so close to completion. Just a few hours & it would be finished I reckon. I don’t know why I have this phobia about finishing it. I keep picking it up and putting it down again
* granny square blankets – These are my stash busters, usually handed in to animal shelters. I want to make more x
*Melvins –  I want a whole posse of them. Just because 🙂
*wee scarves – I made the one below just to see the yarn used up but its become one of my favourite scarves,just the right length for keeping the throat area nice and warm without having to worry about inappropriate bulges or tassels dragging behind me like a tail.
*African flowers – These I make when I’m travelling and usually sew them up at the end of the year.
*Clothes – I love wearing crocheted items, I want to build up my wardrobe this year to include a few key stylish pieces.
I dare say I’ll remember more once I’ve signed off for the night but these are the projects that spring to mind first.



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