Crochet….like a ninja.

Ninjas are cool. Think about it, they just appear, silently and get the job done. According to the internet the top qualities of a ninja are:  Ruthlessness, weapon savvy, ingenuity, agility, knowledge, preparedness, stealth & camouflage and a Zen like calm. So, how can us mere crocheters channel our inner ninja? Here’s a few ideas 🙂
Ruthlessness. There’s a difference in having a stash (yarn & supplies you know you will use) and being a hoarder (someone who cant help but keep hold of anything & everything crafty that crosses their path) When you know you have enough, why not donate any extra to local charities or schools. Remember crafts supplies are rarely budgeted for in schools, your donation could make a huge difference. Just check they accept donations before you turn up with loads of yarn!
Weapon savvy. Know your hooks. What do you prefer? Plastic, metal, bamboo? How about all the other bits & bobs that gather over time? Stitch markers, measuring tape, darning needles, scissors etc. Know what you have and where it is. Keep it all in good condition & replace when needed.
Ingenuity. Try new things. Ever crocheted with wire? Add beads to your work, try raffia, pompom yarn. Instead of buying shopping bags, why not crochet some? Anything that takes you out of your crochet comfort zone, try it. You never know, you might end up loving it 🙂
Agility. Take care of your hands. Gentle finger exercises like those for musicians & the occasional wee massage will keep them happy. If you get aches & pains, pay attention to how your hands move when crocheting & take plenty of breaks. You wouldn’t sit at a computer for hours at a time without getting up and stretching your legs, would you? (well, you’re not supposed to!) This goes for crocheting too. Get up & move – even if its just going for a cuppa.
Knowledge. Always be learning. New stitches, styles, techniques, patterns. We have the world at our fingertips. The most important thing I’ve ever learnt is ……… I learn. Working out your learning style opens up a universe of new wonders. If you only do one thing, do this. Google learning styles & take one of the many quizzes out there. Also, the more you practice a pattern, the more memory you build up in the muscle, increasing the chances of  recall years later.
Preparedness. Just like the boy scouts, crocheters need to ‘be prepared’. A ball of yarn & a hook in your bag & suddenly its not so bad if the trains running late, you have something to do! Having some items ready made means you have a gift ready at hand for almost any occasion. I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t love amigurumi, no matter what the age!
Stealth & camouflage. This is about crocheting without people necessarily noticing you’re crocheting. Don’t start winding yarn on the bus, or emptying your bag hunting for a hook in a restaurant, be discreet. If you draw attention to yourself then you increase the chances of folk interrupting & asking questions about what you’re doing, how to do it & so on & so on, when you could be getting some stitches done. I know we’re all happy to talk about our crafts to newbies or future newbies, but not all the time, sometimes you just wanna crochet. I’ve yet to crochet in the cinema, but I’ve gotten as far as having the yarn & hook in my bag! Perhaps I’ll manage it this year.
Calm. Focus entirely on what you’re doing. Multi tasking & crochet don’t mix. So, give some quality time to your craft, even if it’s only 10 minutes or so a day. You’ll soon see the difference. We’ve all been there. Our fingers are flying, the yarn seems to float, the wip is growing with every breath. We’re in the zone. We are one with the crochet. That’s Zen. That’s ninja crochet.


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