Time for a treat.

bought myself a wee treat today. I’ve been promising myself a pattern from Heidi bears for ages, so today I got the Happypotamous pattern 🙂
I’ve haven’t been buying my wee smoke free treats regularly. It’s over a year since I last lit up and, by rights, I should have saved nearly two grand by now. Except, obviously I haven’t. Something always came up.
I’m strongly considering adding crochet & accessories to the monthly budget.
At least that way I’d have a set amount allocated & I wouldn’t feel so much mammy guilt when I do buy things. It must be something we get when our first kids are born, an excessively pretentious conscience like creature that lingers deep in the back of of minds, like a particularly annoying old woman from up the road. One who watches everyone and has a right good moan about it. Why couldn’t my imagination have created a better conscience for me than her. I’d have loved to have gotten Jimminy Kricket, or a moomin. That would have been classy.  The one I have is a pain in the derrière.
Seriously, I paid £6 for the pattern and her  wee voice says
“do you really need that?”
Well, today I answered back
“No, but I’m buying it anyway”
She’s not spoken to me since 😉

All joking aside, making time for yourself & something you love, whether its physically or mentally, is the one piece of advice I’d give a new mum. Always have something that’s just for you. Oh, and don’t listen to moany old women 😁


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