Crocheting on the go?Here’s my top 5 tips

My brother’s getting married! Tomorrow is the engagement party for him and his lovely fiancé, so I’m getting organised for an overnight trip to Newcastle.
Since no one wants to read about me getting harassed, here’s my top 5 tips for crocheting while travelling 🙂

5 – plan ahead. I mention my crochet to go bags quite a bit. These are simply small plastic bags (about the size of a dvd case) with a ball of yarn, a hook, a few stitch markers and a wee notepad and pen/pencil. Having these at hand means you can grab them as soon as you know you’re going.
4- keep it simple. On the go is not the time to learn a new complex pattern or to work on something fiddly or with loads of colour changes. My favourites are the African flower hex and the good old granny square. Both are excellent patterns for building muscle memory, so after a while your fingers will work by themselves (almost)
3- don’t be too sharp. There’s a few tools on the market designed to cut and trim, I swear by my Clover cutting pendant. Its pretty, discrete and is designed with safety in mind. Don’t carry scissors, since they can be seen as a weapon. Best case scenario, you get told off by a police officer, worse case, you have to explain why you are trying to get a blade onto a plane 😦 leave them at home 😉
2 – get comfy. It sounds silly but if you’re sitting for any length of time, posture is vital. Sit tall, feet flat on floor if you can & shoulders and neck nice and relaxed.
1 -MY TOP TIP  keep a copy of your pattern on your phone. Use it as your lock screen if you can. Ideally this means reading crochet charts, but take it from me, if you can’t read crochet charts, you need too! It opens up a whole new, multi lingual crochet universe 🙂
So there you have it, my #top5tips
Let me know what your think in the commented below, I’d love to hear how other crocheters prep for travel.


One thought on “Crocheting on the go?Here’s my top 5 tips

  1. I don’t really travel a lot but these seem like great tips for people that do. I really like the idea of a crochet “go-bag”! I think I will need to put one together to keep in my car for emergencies!! Granny squares are a great idea! 🙂


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