Day 6, travelling.

As I was travelling to Newcastle today I played a game of guess the craft. It’s a lot of fun people watching and trying to pair folk up with different things. There was a hectic young mum who had the most elegant hands, I decided she made flies for fly fishermen, in the kitchen, while the wee one slept. A man on the metro crocheted (taught by his grandpa, who learned during the war) & the hip teen who made decoupage super hero pictures for sick kids in hospital. I don’t know if any of these people had even heard of the crafts I ‘gave’ them but it was a lot of fun!

I’m back in my hotel room, I lasted longer than I expected at the party. I’m not a drinker and much prefer the quiet life, so I think I done well. It was great to meet some of my brother’s friends and future in-laws.
I’ve got my crochet to go with me and might get a cheeky wee trip to a yarn store or two before I head home in the morning.
Night all x


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