Day 4 – A gentle stroll.

It’s been a quiet day  in Berwick today. I’ve still to decide on my colour scheme for February’s flower crochet, I’m thinking pink, but how pink?
Having a nice long walk with Jax earlier I saw lots of daffodils and crocus sticking out the soggy ground, even though there’s been no freeze to speak of yet.  I know it causes chaos but its one of the natural markers to let our bodies know the seasons are changing, times passing.
I’ve decided to stay vegan, even though veganuary is over. It wasn’t as difficult as I was thinking! I’ve gotten more creative in the kitchen, which the girls seen to like 👍
Blogging isn’t quite natural to me yet, I’m still wondering what to write about, but I dare say I’ll get better as the days go bye.

So, here’s ones if the sights from this mornings walk.  I managed to snap a photo of some fungus before the Labrador photobombed it.



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