Busy Busy

Wow, what a chaotic week its been!
It’s end of term here in Northumberland, so there’s been end of term events and assemblies to go to. There’s also been Prom. This is a new rite of passage since my school days. My youngest daughter, who’s 13, is finishing middle school and moving up to the High school in September. There’s been tours round, 3 different ‘meet the teachers’ events and countless letters of introduction sent home. All this to prepare my child for attending the new educational establishment. I don’t remember this much interest in me when I was starting High school, maybe they weren’t so keen on me!

To be fair, I attended school in Glasgow, which had a lot more pupils than our semi rural schools here.

Earlier in the year I agreed to made the Prom dress. I honestly thought she’d forgotten, but alas, no. It’s not that I can’t do dressmaking, it’s just that its one of those things I could REALLY get into, and I don’t have time, space or finances for yet another hobby.

However, when we sat down to talk about THE DRESS (as it became known) my clever child pointed out several facts;

  1. the dress she wanted came from the Great British Sewing Bee book, and didn’t seem too difficult.
  2. When we looked online, all the materials would cost about half of what her elder sisters dress cost, last year. (NO, she wouldn’t wear her sisters dress, I tried that one!)
  3. By making it I was saving a lot of money as any dress shopping trip would mean buying other things while we were there.

She’s a clever one, my youngest.

So, the sewing machine was brought out, the fabric was ordered, and the dress was made. It took pretty much three full days. Typical me, as soon as it was finished I could see a million ways I could make it better, but my girl thought it was perfect, and that’s all I wanted to hear.


This is the finished dress, our ‘interpretation’ of the Prom Dress, with lace tee. The original pattern called for neoprene, but when she realised that was used for wet suits, satin was requested.  Its a long, long time since I followed a pattern and although I was rusty, all my old Home Economics skills came back to me, eventually.

For the record, she does actually have a head, she’s just a bit shy!

I’ll definitely be doing more sewing.


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