Tuesday’s treats!

I stopped smoking a while ago (27 weeks, 6 days to be exact). To keep myself motivated and retrain my brain, I buy myself a wee treat once a week. It’s nothing extravagant, but its my way of making sure that the money I’m saving isn’t completely swallowed up by the housekeeping.


This is what arrived today. I’ve never used the Knitpro range before and I’m excited about using this. I feel another mermaid blanket coming on 🙂

I’m curious how other ex smoking crafty types have dealt with giving up? I found it easy to start with, a change in hormones meant I woke up one morning and thought “Ew, that tastes nasty”
But as the weeks have gone bye, I find that seeing people smoking on the TV (in films and TV on demand, its banned on regular TV!) makes me want a cigarette. In my day to day life, not even walking past a smoker and getting a whiff tempts me.

But then there was last night.

Last night my beloved hubby was watching “shameless” in bed & there’s A LOT of smokers in that. By the end of the second episode I was craving a cigarette but ended up munching my way through 5 digestives and two Muller corners standing at the kitchen counter, cursing the day I allowed a TV in my bedroom.
I used to joke that I gave up smoking and took up caramel logs instead. Now I’m giving up junk food and taking up fruit and veg. I walk a lot more than I used to and it’s easier, even though my childhood asthma returned (I view it as smoking’s parting gift). I can get a deep breath, I can get out of bed easier (scarily, the reason smokers find it difficult to get up in the morning is due to lack of oxygen!!  OMG) There’s so many positive’s that I know in my heart that this time I won’t start again. I’m probably the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I’m much happier.  I’m so glad I was already crocheting when I stopped, it  gave me something to do with my hands when I wanted a cigarette. I wasn’t craving nicotine, I had just created a really bad habit. Now I have some good ones. I walk in the morning, I have a bag of crochet at the side of the bed and of course have my crochet to go bags, I started archery. All these things I wouldn’t have done if I was nipping out the back to have a cigarette every 30 minutes or so.

Most of all, it makes me look at life differently. There’s very few things I look at now and think ‘I can’t do that’ because at the end of the day, I GAVE UP SMOKING!!!!! I can do damn near anything 😉 ………….. except stay away from the biscuits xxx


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s treats!

  1. Well done on stopping the smoking! I did that twice, the second time was in 1995 and I’ve not gone back since. It takes time, though and yeah – you’ll eat biccies! (I eat ’em anyway. Must stop, am putting on weight.) I just followed your blog – I also crochet but can’t knit to save my life!


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