The day the snow came.

Finally, it would appear that winter has landed. We were just driving over the border into Scotland when the first few flakes fell. That sounds overly dramatic, especially since we live a mere 4 miles from said border, but I love wintry weather and I’m allowed to be dramatic! In fact, we were going to Haddington, a lovely wee place with a decent wool shop and, importantly, an orthodontist. My middle child was due a check up after getting her braces off, so we were off a merry jaunt. Half way there it dawned on me that being in the habit of crocheting as a passenger might not be a good thing. I have a full drivers licence, the reason I don’t drive everywhere is because I like walking (and getting the train, crocheting again!) But sooner or later I’ll need to do my share of the driving, so I’d better get into the habit of paying attention.

A brief visit to Haddington and we were on our way home again, the snow had stopped and we came home to daughter number 2  feeling poorly after getting a vaccine at school yesterday. We had veggie fingers for tea, while my son had fish fingers and other half had beef curry. Did I yearn for meat? nope. I have to confess, I didn’t think this whole vegan thing would be this easy. A lot of my success is down to the girls doing it too, to keep me company. They’re the best cheerleaders ever.  After tea, we took the dog to the beach, in the dark. It was really quite nice. I’m not fond of wandering around in the dark, but once my eyes adjusted, everything was kinda a bluey grey with the occasional small speckling of snow to remind us that the winter’s not finished with us yet. It also smelt strongly of seaweed, which the dog loves, he’s not worked out how to roll in things yet. I admit, having a pitch black dog is definitely an advantage when walking in the dark.

It’s been the kind of day I like, a quick trip out of town, but back in time to relax, have a wander and appreciate living in a small coastal town. Nothing massive happened, no major setbacks (if you’ve ever been stuck on the A1, you know how lucky I’m feeling), just my growing family going about their day. As my kids grow and go out into the world, I’m starting to cherish these days more and more.





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