What’s taking shape?

All my WIP have been put on hold the past wee while as I work on my heidibears project. I though I’d give you all an update!


I started using the yarn left over from last years CAL, the photo above shows rows 3 and 4 being completed. I do them in bulk, I’m kinda impatient & want to see how this turns out.

All the pieces are being kept in sandwich bags, mostly to keep them together, but also to keep the dog hair off it! I think the bag was originally for trainers or shoes, I got it for 50p in a charity shop. The fact I can see whats in it, without opening it is a huge bonus.


I’ve still to decide if I’m ‘joining as I go’ in row 5. This is a new technique to me. I tried it in the Stylecraft Carousel CAL but couldn’t get the hang of it, so might end up sewing it together.

Well, that’s about all for today. I figure I’ll be ready to make this guy by the end of the next bank holiday. Which is next Monday! It’s definitely the holiday season here in the UK at the moment 🙂

catch up with everyone soon xxx

The box of unfinished things.

It’s funny how there’s certain things that we get so used to that we don’t see them anymore.

This morning I thought the pup was too quiet & decided to see what he was up to. Turns out he had found my old sewing box & was having a good old chew.



I’d completely forgotten about it. It doesn’t house sewing stuff, its been years since I done any serious stitching (not counting last years prom dress!). At some point I’d stuffed it with wool & sat it in a corner. It became invisible.

There’s nothing special in it. A few balls of luxe, a couple of monsters, some bits & pieces for a project long forgotten. A dolls body, complete with 3 different sized arms (not sewn on!), a crocheted furry ball, for some reason. There’s even a half finished Melvin in there, which to me is just wrong!

I painted the box years & years ago. Mum gave it to me when she was moving to the highlands, she didn’t have space for it. She picked it up at a car boot because it was old & she felt sorry for it.

It was a stained a dark tone & was sad looking so a quick makeover was in order. The outside was given a couple of coats of bubblegum pink, a scrap piece of fabric covered the pin cushion but apart from that I’d never really planned what to do with it. I’d had loads of ideas, but never followed anything through to the end.

Now, with the pup damage, it could do with some serious TLC.

I can feel another revamp coming on. Some stencilling and lining, I think. Perhaps new handles. Maybe even wheels! Or a lovely crochet collage!

I need to tuck it back in its place for now. I’ll finish the projects I’m working on now & come back to it when I have a plan, the time to finish it properly & better paint drying weather.


WIP – Easter update :-)

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine this Easter Bank holiday. It’s been a lazy start to the holidays here my busy household. With my youngest away at camp, I’ve had some quality time with the older teens. Just hanging out, watching movie marathons and having a laugh.

All this means that there’s not been a load of new crocheting going on, but I have been trying out a lovely bunting pattern.


You can find the pattern HERE

It’s also about time I started my Happypotamous. I’ve had this Heidibears pattern for ages now & haven’t made a start on it. I’m crocheting it in a ‘production line’ method, so some prepping was required! 🙂 When I’m making something that needs quite a few parts, I find it so much easier to do it this way. Keeping things organised is the key, press & seal bags come in handy, you can even write on them. All pieces made at the same pace! I highly recommend it.

I finally chose the colour scheme for my ‘Happo’ from one of the African flowers made, I think these were February’s colours.


When I have got an hour or two to myself, I’ve been working on my hairy coo. I’m more determined to get it out in the world now. My eternal thanks to my readers for giving me good, common sense responses! I really appreciate it.

I hope you all have a great bank holiday 🙂


Crufts and crochet.

I’ve been catching up on Crufts today. I can’t believe that I forgot it was on. Between that and the Edinburgh yarn fest, my Instagram and facebook feeds are full of awesome photos!

The Tunisian CAL is getting there, out of sheer stubbornness I’m persevering with it. It’s a long time since I’ve cursed my crochet quite this much. The image of using up so much of my stash keeps me going, but it may be one of those things that I finish and give away immediately – so I’m not reminded of how annoyingly wrong I kept getting it 😦

I’ve always wondered what the dog groomers at Crufts do with all that hair. Seriously, some of those dogs are mega hairy. If it was me, I’d be putting it in a wee bag and giving it to some spinners. I’ll not sure though if I’d wear a sweater (or anything!) made of dog hair, would it smell like pooch to other dogs? My poor Labrador would go in a huff 😉

We bought my gran a book once, I think it was called knitting with dog hair. She & granda had a Yorkie called Bonny and a Border Collie called Ben, it was meant as a joke but she really liked it. For ages afterwards we dreaded getting a scarf made of yorkie hair 😌

When it comes to yarn, I seem to be working a lot with acrylic recently. It’s ideal for amigurumi and big blankets. The sirdar crofter was a gorgeous wool mix, it felt soft & string at the same time. I can’t wait for bad weather so I’ve got an excuse to wear my crofter scarf!
I’m looking forward to getting something fancy at St Abbs yarn fest in April. Perhaps something with alpaca (my secret yarn crush!). It the kind of fibre that makes me want to bury my face in it and purr 😆
As long as its not Alsatian, I’ll use it.

What’s your favour yarn is?

Do you have a secret yarn crush?

Let me know in the comments below.

Work in progress (1)

I thought I’d share my current work in progress today. I’m using a 4 mm hook & Sirdar crofter dk. Its one of those yarns that I put away with a project in mind, only to find it again later with no recollection of what the project was! When in doubt, go for a corner to corner scarf. I’m currently on the second ball of yarn and although I find all crochet relaxing, this stitch in particular is lovely and almost soothing to me, I think its the repetitiveness.
Until tomorrow x131319320118492150

Making do and blocking blues

As I previously mentioned, I making a pixel blanket which needs 1040 squares. This doesn’t count the 9 (at least) rows of dc round the entire thing when stitched together!

So I’ve had quite a few squares to block recently.

I’ve never really had to block stuff before. Toys rarely need it and when it comes to clothing I’ve mostly made boleros and shrugs for specific occasions. For those, its been a case of ‘off the hook and straight to wear’, I do end up leaving things to the last minute, lol.
I decided to make do with what I had lying around for this, after all I had play foam floor squares and garden kneelers already in the cupboard, what could go wrong?



Well, the squares aren’t as thick as I thought and I’m quite an enthusiastic pinner, so now my kitchen table has scratches on it. Only wee ones but I know they’re there. Also, the numbers in the middle keep falling out. I’ve been using a 4cm cardboard square to get the size right. A marked mat would be so much easier *sigh*
The kneelers work just fine doubled up with 3mm dpns stuck in to hold blocked squares. They hold about 15 – 18 before they go a bit wonky.


Squares are getting blocked a dozen at a time, which isn’t many but is essential, as it turns out I didn’t weave in the ends of the first couple of hundred :-\  This is one crocheter who is definitely going to be shopping for a blocking mat in the near future.

This blanket making is sure getting interesting.



It’s all about ME!!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself a wee bit more and let you know the kind of things I’m working on at the moment.

I live in Northumberland, just a few short miles from the Scottish Border. I’ve lived here for 12 years now, with my partner and 3 teenage kids, although originally I come from Glasgow.  I work as a community artist and arts & crafts tutor, which I love. I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember. I come from a huge creative family; woodworkers, mechanics, poets, illustrators, embroiderers, there was always something being made or fixed when I was younger.

Now, I pass the skills on to the next generation through my own kids and those I work with. There’s not a craft that I can think of that I haven’t at least tried! I’m not keen on card-making, or decoupage although I could do them if I had to. 🙂

I prefer making amigurumi and crochet toys mostly as I think they’re really cute, they make great presents, you can personalise them and so on. When my son was younger I knitted him a teddy bear just like Mr Bean’s and to this day he talks about it ( he gave it to his sisters a few years ago) I make blankets as well, recently I finished a mermaid tail Tunisian blanket, which is an amazing way to use up odd balls of yarn. My gran used to make crochet blankets (she taught me how to crochet) and my children still want their great granny’s “cosy” when they’re ill. It’s one of their precious items.

So, the things I’m working on just now. Like most creative people I have more than one W.I.P on the go because I get bored REALLY easily.

My youngest daughter wants to make her own prom dress, so that in the early stages just now. I’m working on a pixel blanket that was ordered recently – making over a thousand 3cm squares is no where near as much fun as it sounds! All those ends!

I made my first African violet hex crochet recently ( see I’ve been hexed!) and I’m creating a bundle of them to play about with and to establish the pattern in my muscle memory, I’m also working on preemie hats for a local hospital ( I do these while travelling) and some 20cm squares for the haberdashery department of John Lewis in Newcastle. These are being collected and used for charity items.

And I think that’s it for now, although my brothers birthday is in late August and I’m planning a Pokemon hat of some sort for him! Oh, and there’s a few designs I’d like to draft up & lalylala has a new pattern out & Heidibears & I saw a fab scarf recently that my mum would love, and my eldest daughter has asked for captain America sweater & & & …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… you get the idea!