A full on 4 days!

I cant believe its been four days since I’ve posted. My humblest apologies, readers.

It’s been busy, busy in this house. I’m not making excuses, but everyone’s been coming & going since Friday, its been chaotic On Friday the 21st, my youngest turned 14. I still can’t get over how my cute, chubby wee baby has grown into the intelligent, athletic & beautiful young woman that is our Niamh.

Alas, we had no time to celebrate, as the kids were heading to Uist to visit family with their Dad. As he lives in Glasgow, he had a major amount of driving to do over the last weekend. But he was outside our house at 9 on the dot & off the adventurers went. I had an hour of quality puppy time and then headed down to pick up Poppy.

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that the dogs did cuddle up on the sofa. Once. What really happened was that Poppy fell asleep and Jax sneaked up & snuggled in inch by inch so he wouldn’t wake her! Also, he moved before she woke up, so she may be completely unaware he sneaked a cuddle. I’m glad I got a photo, as I might not have believed it myself.


The rest of the time they were playing, chasing each other, hitting each other with toys (I didn’t know dogs did that!) As Poppy is a, shall we say, lady of a certain age, our walking schedule was tweaked to include a lot more breaks to sniff. We still had a wander round the golf course & our favourite saunter along Cow Road, it just took a little longer.

Although Pop normally sleeps in mums livingrooom, she didn’t settle in ours, crying & crying til we took here upstairs with us.
DID YOU KNOW- a Labrador & a Jack Russell breathing in their sleep sounds EXACTLY like an axe welding serial killer. Neither did I, til 3am Saturday morning 😦

We had a lovely 2 days, just my other half & I, with a big dog & a little dog, having nice relaxing walks in the sun.

Needless to say, I’ve been too busy playing taking care of the dogs to do any crocheting.

Poppy went home teatime Sunday. I suspect both dogs were happy to have time alone by this point, she was asleep soon after getting home & Jax was out like a light for a change, even sleeping through the kids walking in the door. He’s a really rubbish guard dog, lol.

The kids got back late Sunday night, full of stories of the Islands. They had an amazing time and were exhausted. It was over 400 miles 🙂 I’m full of admiration for their uncle & his family. I found it hard leaving a city to live in a small town like Berwick, so I can’t imagine adapting to Uist, although both girls did say they could understand how people could live that far from the mainland. Lots & lots of photos were taken!!

It was really late by the time I chased them to bed, they were knackered. So much so that we all slept in this morning & they ended up with an extra day off school(oops!)

Now everyone’s back where they should be, we’ll be back in our normal routine tomorrow. Fingers crossed x

This is your morning post.

I meant to post yesterday, really I did. But then I saw Tom hardy in Taboo & everything completely slipped my mind
So, todays going to be like the 80’s.
2 posts in the one day 😎
I found a half finished project, from when I was in Crete. I think it was going to be a granny square shrug but I’m not feeling it now. I wanted to make something for me to wear & I’m not sure a shrug fits the bill. I suspect some frogging is in the near future. The yarn is a lovely Drops one, but I can’t remember exactly which one (I’ll find out & fill you in later.
I managed to do a lot of this in flight, which just goes to show that some airlines totally respect crocheters (if they have wooden hooks). I’ve got a 6mm hook in the bag with this one but I vaguely remember ‘borrowing’ the original one.


Day 6, travelling.

As I was travelling to Newcastle today I played a game of guess the craft. It’s a lot of fun people watching and trying to pair folk up with different things. There was a hectic young mum who had the most elegant hands, I decided she made flies for fly fishermen, in the kitchen, while the wee one slept. A man on the metro crocheted (taught by his grandpa, who learned during the war) & the hip teen who made decoupage super hero pictures for sick kids in hospital. I don’t know if any of these people had even heard of the crafts I ‘gave’ them but it was a lot of fun!

I’m back in my hotel room, I lasted longer than I expected at the party. I’m not a drinker and much prefer the quiet life, so I think I done well. It was great to meet some of my brother’s friends and future in-laws.
I’ve got my crochet to go with me and might get a cheeky wee trip to a yarn store or two before I head home in the morning.
Night all x