Newborn slippers- a free crochet pattern

After fighting with my efforts for the Tunisian CAL, I decided today to take a time out. I wanted to crochet but was getting a knot in my stomach at the thought of trying to work out this afghan. I went a wander on the internet instead 🙂

I found this lovely wee pattern on Pinterest.


It’s quite simple, takes around an hour to make up and I think uses less than 5 grams of the main colour, and scraps of the contrasting colour. I used a 4mm hook and Double Knit. Stylecraft special for babies (MC) and scraps of a green I had left over from the Dougie knitting pattern.

It was so nice to complete a project. To follow a pattern that I knew wasn’t going to cause me wrinkles, was a joy. While we don’t have any babies due in the family, I’m sure I’ll find a home for these wee beauties. I might even make more 🙂

I’m a much happier crocheter today!

LINKS – baby slippers by loganberry handmade, a free pattern.

Doug the caterpillar – a knitting pattern, free courtesy of Home Energy Scotland &                 designed by Helen Javes

Feel the Fear

Yesterday I published my first pattern, for free, on Ravelry. It was absolutely terrifying. In a house with no one else in it, I was bombarded with voices, all negative, all my own. Why do we do that to ourselves? Publishing patterns is one of the things on my TO DO BEFORE 40 list and I’m in final 12 month sprint. I see sharing my patterns as an extension of writing this blog, which isn’t coming naturally to me (yet) but is something I really want to do. I’m an introvert at heart and don’t like drawing attention to myself, good or bad. But stronger than any of the ‘OMG, what am I doing?’ voices is my conviction that all skills should be shared. what’s the point in knowing how to do something, if you don’t pass it on?

Can you imagine making something, knowing that you are the last person to do it?

So, I published my pattern, the Richard of York Ripple blanket. I published it because someone just might need it written out in front of them. They might need it as a PDF, they may not come across this blog, so I published (even though I suspect most crocheters could work it out for themselves). If it makes things easier for one person, it’s worth it.

Was still bl**dy scary though 😉

PS, the pattern’s here

A Famous Face

Meet Doug, the energy saving caterpillar, courtesy of Greener Scotland


He’s retired now, but once was quite the celeb on British Wintertime TV. He spent many a night keeping the cold wind out while my family and I slept in our drafty old house. Fortunately, we now have a nice, new house and Doug gets to rest on the radiator, watching over us all and well out the way of visiting dogs. There’s something about the texture of knitted or crocheted toys that Jack Russell’s seem to really like.

I love Doug. I love that when I first read the pattern I thought “there’s no way I can knit with all these needles” DPN’s were a new and scary thing to me. I love that I was able to make something that was so recognisable & the colours were so cheery in a winter and house that was so cold and bleak. What I love the most about Doug isn’t his multicoloured wonder, or his Lego cute legs or even the fact that he has, on occasion, been worn around the house as a scarf! (I’m naming no names, they know who they are!)

It’s the fact that crafts – knitting this time – were once again brought into the mainstream consciousness. Not  everyone knows how to knit but for a while at least, everyone knew Doug. Any child that visited that house left knowing ‘Doug off the TV’ – he lived in my house and he made us all smile. He still does.