Dog Days


We’ve been having a great time over the last few days, so I haven’t managed to do my blog. The weathers been great, bright with a slight breeze. Perfect beach weather for Northumberland.

Yesterday the girls & I took Jax to Spittal beach, to walk along the promenade & let Jax run off his energy on the sand. The tide was going out & there was tonnes of drift wood, some already chopped up. We have a few businesses here that recycle drift wood into fuel, with I’ve always found pretty cool.
Tomorrow the kids are heading north with their dad, while we have the pleasures of dog sitting Poppy for a few nights. I’m not sure how it’s going to go. Jax sleeps in our room, supposedly in his bed on the floor but in reality at the end of our bed. Poppy has a lovely padded bed & is used to sleeping in the living room. Fingers crossed it works out.
When we decided it was time to get a puppy, how Poppy would react was part of the discussion. I had visions of my hairy wee sister cuddling up with my puppy, teaching him dog stuff & generally mothering him.
In reality, by twelve weeks he was too boisterous for her & their time together was supervised. I dreaded Jax jumping in his gangly, goofy way & damaging her.

All these months later, it’s gotten a lot better. For the first ten minutes or so, Jax is hyper to see pop. He runs in circles, barks like a wee puppy & licks her face. For her part, Poppy had a nosey round for any treats he may have left lying around & then proceeds to get comfy on the sofa. Once he realises she wants a nap, he lies on the floor at her feet, gazing up lovingly at her. He’s besotted.
Occasionally, she lets him in the sofa. I wish she’d tell me how she gets him to behave!WP_20170322_14_12_18_Pro

Time to wander.

Nestling in the very north of the north east of England is Berwick upon Tweed.

One of the few walled towns of Britain, its changed hands a dozen times. I moved here 12 years ago. One of the best walks in the area is a walk along the walls. It’s a distance of 1.1 miles, perfect for dog walkers, toddlers, visitors and locals alike. The local schools use it for the Sports relief sponsored mile. Watching all the little faces, marching along in twos is a heart warming sight and there’s an annual Curfew Run too. There’s a much slower pace around lunchtime on a Sunday, going up the walls is somewhat of a hangover cure round these parts 🙂


I like to start at the town side of the old bridge. I can see it waiting for me as I walk over form Tweedmouth. Years ago, this was the only bridge to join Berwick with the opposite side of land. Before that, a boat was used, so I’ve been told. Now there’s the rail bridge, the new bridge and this one. Right at the end of the old bridge is a side path which takes you onto Quay Walls. A long line of houses, all of which are listed, with original windows, doorways and shutters.


When the sun shines, I love just walking along here slowly, watching the tourists as they gaze around. I forget that not everywhere has buildings this old, or so many of them. The walls are low enough that I can see over and watch the fishing boats and canoeists on the tweed, going out to sea.


The Quayside


The Quay Walls houses

Interesting fact – We used to live in one of these houses, it was haunted by an old lady. We don’t live there now, nothing to do with the wee ghostie!

As the sun shines, it brings everything to life. It sparkles off the water, the window panes, the new leaves. Right along the walkway there’s resting areas and seats, when the days are a bit warmer it’s an ideal place to sit and read or crochet.

Remnants of the towns troubled past are scattered along the way. Barred doorways, hidden corridors and the ruins of barracks from years gone bye. The town still has cannons, but we don’t use them!

The very best thing about being on the walls isn’t just that you can see Lindisfarne and Bamburgh castle in the distance. It isn’t the fact that the town has been around for over 900 years. It’s that no matter where you go, you can see another walk, another wee bit to explore!


the path to Spittal Point

From here you can continue along to the Ramparts or head into town. Today, I had shopping to do so I had to cut my walk short. Feeling rejuvenated, at peace and refreshed I know it wont be long before I’m walking along the walls again.