Tunisian troubles in crochet.



For the last few days I’ve been focused on my work for the Tunisian crochet along & for the past few days I’ve been failing miserably.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know if its even me, it could be the pattern or the yarn. My tension could be wrong, I could be misreading something. Perhaps I’m just not a great crocheter. That’s how much this pattern has got to me, I’m doubting myself 😒

When I first chose the pattern I noticed that a few questions had been asked about it but the designer hadn’t answered . I don’t think I’ll get any help there, it seems that others have had the same problem as me. It just doesn’t work right.

Todays it’s last chance. Today I’m starting it from scratch & doing it the way I think it should be done. I’ll be making notes as I go, in case my woes can help someone else in the future.
I’ll record my progress or lack of, throughout the day.
If, at the end of the day I’m still having problems, I’ll choose another pattern, close the door on this one & it’ll forever be the pattern that got the best of me.


If at first you don’t succeed…..

Its so tempting to give something up when it gets difficult.
I’ve started a new blanket, its a pattern that I’m not completely comfortable with. I’m plodding along with it, so far I’ve restarted it twice. I’m 90% certain that I’ve got it right, its looking good but there’s that wee niggle that I’m going to get half way through and realise there’s a mistake at the start. Since its a spiral, any early mistakes are right in the middle.



I’ve missed a few blog posts too, which is really annoying me. I’m a third of the way through my #100daychallange. But, I keep reminding myself that I’m establishing a habit, trying to find my voice and sharing my crochetness.
To be fair, I was planning to write one yesterday after going to see Logan, but I ended up curled up in bed fighting a migraine 😞  I think it was brought on by the pure sadness of the movie. As my youngest daughter would say – it hits you right in the feels.
So today I’ve been crocheting a spiral, chilling with the kids and watching Life on Mars. If Gene Hunt doesn’t chase away migraines nothing will lol. I’m going to stick with it, til the spirals complete.

Work in progress (2)


I feel like I’ve been making this blanket for ages. I keep picking it up & putting it back down again.  I made most of the squares while travelling in 2016.
It didn’t matter whether it was bus, car, plane or train, I had a ball of wool and 4mm hook ready to do business.
There’s only one problem, as I see it. The coloured parts are Hayfield bonus DK, while the grey is stylecraft. When I was blocking the squares it wasn’t much of a problem. I got sick of blocking about a hundred squares or so ago (I’ve never been known for my patience) I just hope now it doesn’t become an issue.  Fingers crossed that it worked out ok!
The pattern itself came from Pinterest, a perler pattern. Its one of a set (the others being Captain America, Hulk and Thor) It shows how diverse charted patterns can be. One graph can cover hamma beads, cross stitch, c2c & pixel crochet, beading, mosaic making.  That’s what I love about being a crafter, there’s no true boundary.
I crochet because that’s where my passion lies, but it could just as easily be ChainMaille, beading, Quilling. All these pull at my attention from time to time.
But now, my attention is on Iron man, although I doubt he’ll ever be joined by the rest of the avenger hunks 😉


Back to Blogging.

Its been nearly two months since I last updated my blog, its shameful :-\

Things have been great here in north Northumberland. Jax the lab puppy is nearly five months old and is teething.  We joined a local puppy class and he seems to enjoy it. At least, he doesn’t bark too much & he hasn’t peed in class…….yet. Growing up with terriers, its strange having a young dog that doesn’t automatically run for the hills when off the lead.

A family friend donated a fish tank to me and inadvertently reactivated my obsessive goldfish owner genes. Many, many years ago, I kept goldfish. Not just any goldfish but oriental goldfish (as we called them in the ’80’s) I had fish that won prizes. I was really, really into goldfish, and now, in my house stands a stunning, curved front 250 litre fish tank!  Just a few weeks into having it & I’m already choosing my fancy finned pets, ordering gel food and setting up a fish list on amazon. It’s all coming back to me!
Crochet wise, the hooks’ been busy. I’m taking part in my first CAL (crochet a long). Its run by stylecraft and is for a carousel blanket. As you can see from the photo below, its a fantastic visual pattern and I’m really enjoying working through, knowing there’s lots of others doing the same thing 😁


This one is being packed away for mums Christmas. The pixel blanket is coming along nicely, hopefully it looks like iron man, its meant to!


Off to cook Sunday dinner now, but I’ll be back soon,
promise xxx

Making do and blocking blues

As I previously mentioned, I making a pixel blanket which needs 1040 squares. This doesn’t count the 9 (at least) rows of dc round the entire thing when stitched together!

So I’ve had quite a few squares to block recently.

I’ve never really had to block stuff before. Toys rarely need it and when it comes to clothing I’ve mostly made boleros and shrugs for specific occasions. For those, its been a case of ‘off the hook and straight to wear’, I do end up leaving things to the last minute, lol.
I decided to make do with what I had lying around for this, after all I had play foam floor squares and garden kneelers already in the cupboard, what could go wrong?



Well, the squares aren’t as thick as I thought and I’m quite an enthusiastic pinner, so now my kitchen table has scratches on it. Only wee ones but I know they’re there. Also, the numbers in the middle keep falling out. I’ve been using a 4cm cardboard square to get the size right. A marked mat would be so much easier *sigh*
The kneelers work just fine doubled up with 3mm dpns stuck in to hold blocked squares. They hold about 15 – 18 before they go a bit wonky.


Squares are getting blocked a dozen at a time, which isn’t many but is essential, as it turns out I didn’t weave in the ends of the first couple of hundred :-\  This is one crocheter who is definitely going to be shopping for a blocking mat in the near future.

This blanket making is sure getting interesting.



Consider Tunisian.

Tunisian crochet is the oft overlooked cousin of traditional crochet, yet, as I’ve seen on several pinterest boards, its getting a following.
I added Tunisian to my repertoire about 5 years ago. I saw it as one of those stitches handy for making scarves, if only I could stop it curling. Tunisian is dense and works up quickly, its more economical than either knitting or crochet. It really is the best of both.
Since the early days, I’ve come across many interesting patterns in Tunisian. These include hats in the round and circular blankets (using short rows!) and, as the photo below shows, sometimes you can make a blanket with a twist. I now recommend new crocheters or knitters should try Tunisian first, especially if like me, they are left handed. Its easier than knitting to control materials and tools yet not as fiddly as crochet is t first.
Seriously, give it a go!InstagramCapture_555ab114-b585-48e0-97cd-44951065b1b1.jpg

Richard of York Ripple Blanket


I can’t make up my mind about this one. My youngest daughter snagged it as soon as it came off the hook. Sometimes I love it, sometimes meh.

It’s a basic ripple pattern, which I got into the rhythm of really quickly and although I’d be lying if I said it’s portable, its a compulsive crochet.

This one’s made in DK, with a 4mm hook, and done in trebles. It fits a single bed comfortably & is big enough for 2 to snuggle under on the sofa. I used Hayfield Bonus DK. It’s a decent acrylic yarn and the best thing is it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried. Each colour uses up about 230g but if I was making it again I’d plan for 300g. There’s nothing worse than running out of yarn 3/4 of the way through (trust me!)



The blanket was 283 stitches wide. The ripple needs multiples of 14 plus an extra 3.

Cast on 283.

treble in the 4th hook from chain.

1 treble in next 4 stitches.

next  *2 x  tr2tog,  1 treble in nest 4 stitches, 2 trebles in next stitch, 2 trebles in next stitch, 1 trebles in next 4 stitches,*  repeat until 4 stitches from end, then 1 treble in next 3 stitches, 2 treble in  last stitch.


This is the basic ripple and the colouring starts with 6 rows of each: * Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet* This is the full colour block. I  decreased one row with each colour block til I got to one row of each colour. This is the middle of the blanket. At this point, the rows colour starts increasing by one row each block.

I moved house in the midst of making this blanket and I admit, sometimes it was the only thing that kept me sane. It’s not one of those things that I could just churn out, it took a good while , but for something to do while watching TV, or listening to audio books, it’s hard to beat.