100 days have been & gone.

Remember back in January I said I’d post 100 times in 100 days?

Obviously, I didn’t reach my target (more on that later!) but I thought I’d share how I did & what I’ve learnt.

Posting every day is incredibly difficult if I don’t have a plan. I didn’t twig onto this til recently.  What can I say, I’m a slow learner 🙂

From January 30th to May 10th (100 days) I made 61 posts. My best month was February, 28 in 28 days. Quite a few posts were made late at night.

OK, OK, a lot of my earlier posts were made late at night & some are what I’d call ‘fluffy’, kinda like diary entries for days where not much happened.

80% of my posts were made from my phone. It’s a Nokia Lumia & although its a great wee phone, its not the best for blogging. It was handy, so I used it. I’m more likely to have my phone handy at 11pm (when I’ve remembered the blog) than the laptop. So, if you’re a new blogger TOP TIP – Don’t post from your phone unless you have to. It’s great for drafting & I recommend you DO draft posts whenever you get a few minutes spare. But for posting and editing, I’m sticking to the laptop for now.

FACT – getting out of the habit of blogging is much easier than getting into the habit of blogging.

I didn’t really put much thought into what the purpose of my blog is. Don’t worry though, I’ve worked this one out.

So far, I’ve found blogging to be really enjoyable, and have I mentioned how lovely my readers are? they’re fabulous!

So, what are you going to do now, Trish? I hear you all ask

Firstly. There’s going to be a few posts today. There’s crochet stuff & sad stuff I want to share. It’ll be better done in separate posts.

Secondly. I’m working out a schedule. It wont be every day, because, you know, stuff happens. There will be significantly more crochet related stuff & it’ll be organised. Some posts might even be scheduled 🙂 I know, fancy, right?

Finally. There will be less ‘life’ posts. So, for now, Jax & the fish say adieu. They’ll still pop up on instagram, but they’ll only be occasional visitors here.

I’m on a tea break just now, then I’ll post the answers for the word search.

Whatever’s happening after that, I’ll keep you posted xxx


2 thoughts on “100 days have been & gone.

  1. When I first started (I can’t believe it’s been over two years now), I was hard pressed to get out a post a week. My goal was two a week. I struggled with what to write about. Now I can’t shut up! My goal is still two posts a week but I’m finding I’m getting in more than that but if life happens as it always does, I can fall back to one or two. I’m glad you’re finding your flow and am looking forward to you your future posts. 🙂


  2. It is incredibly difficult to blog every day – I found that out the hard way too! Especially since I chose crochet to be my main focus. I had a ton of finished projects that I had thought to take pictures of so the first 30 days was easy. Once those started running out I found myself in a jam. I wanted to focus on just crochet related posts and things don’t just come off the hook that quickly. I’m happy with at least 2 posts per week and anything more than that is a bonus. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to. 😀


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