Guess who rescued more old patterns?

I’ve picked up some new patterns that I can’t wait to try out.
The first is an amazing looking book called crochetterie. The projects inside look incredible & I’m hoping to have a review of it for next week.

The second is a pair of patterns that I ‘rescued’ from the local charity shop. The stitchcraft is from 1968 & had some really funky knitting patterns inside & the loose page is a lovely baby blanket that i think looks really simple & classic. Not bad for 50p.

My oldest daughter had been busy in a school play Alice in Boogy Wonderland’. We went to the opening night & it was fantastic. The whole drama group have worked so hard & are so professional. Our kids really do shine here in Berwick.

Saturday is St Abbs Yarn fest, in Eyemouth. It’s a while since I’ve been (it’s on twice a year & I’ve missed 2, I think).  I’m really looking forward to it & cant wait to increase my yarn supply 🙂 Although I’m donating my yarn budget to charity this lent, I sat pennies aside for the fest. Well, I’m not a saint 🙂
I’m still quite new to the while yarn festival scene. I guess I’m not naturally social. Having a great, smaller event practically on my doorstep tempted me out. I want to go to at least two this year, if not more.

Do you go to yarn fests?
Let me know what you think of them in the comments below x


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