Crochet in the world’s words.

If you’ve been over to Instagram lately, you’ll notice there’s dozens of hashtags that crocheters use. Hashtags (#) are how people online distinguish themselves and their makes. It’s one of those ‘languages’ that’s developed in the technological age, along with emojis.  I can sit here in Northumberland & using a hashtag, connect with a fellow crocheter in Norway or even Australia!

Whether you’re a Jack/Jill of all trades or you make only amigurumi, hashtags help you find your tribe.

If you fancy tagging your work with new labels, here’s some to consider:


How to say Crochet or haken or ganchillo or croche or hekle or krose #agentcrochet

Each of these words means crochet!

Croche – french           ganchillo – spanish            Haken – german          virka – swedish  krose – turkish            hækle – danish

These are a few of my favourite hashtags at the moment!


my favourite hashtags for Instagram #agentcrochet

Some for the toymakers 🙂


amigurumi hashtags #agentcrochet

So, next time you’re over on Instagram, give your posts some pazzazz with a new hashtag & don’t forget to come say hi to me

Let me know below what your favourite hashtag is 🙂


3 thoughts on “Crochet in the world’s words.

  1. Neat! Thanks for posting this – I’m terrible at Instagram and Twitter. I always forget to even look at them most of the time. And I had no idea what to # so I would just do #crochet (when I remember that is) and be done with it. This is very helpful! 😀

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