A night out with my fledgling.

Tonight my daughter & I attended the local theatre to see “Heaven Eyes”.

I admit, I was only going to keep her company. It had been a busy day & I was looking forward to sitting down for a while.

The show was spectacular! Funny & touching, thought provoking & dark, we were swept into a world of make believe for an hour & a half.

Afterwards we were able to chat about our favourite parts. My daughter, E, explained to me that there was a monologue that she liked and was going to learn. It was something that I’d never thought about. As an actor, she sees the world differently from others, even other creative people. Where I was watching a performance, she was deconstructing & learning.

My children are going growing so quickly. They are on the cusp of flying out into the world. A new era has started in our home & it makes the time we spend together even more precious.

Whether it’s as a family, or individually, I’m learning more about these young adults as time passes & seeing glimpses of the adults they will be.

The sciences, medicine & the arts are equally followed & studied in our house. There’s always something being discussed & on the go!

The future is certainly going to be interesting 🙂


One thought on “A night out with my fledgling.

  1. I have 2 adult children and a teenager that will be graduating this year – I know exactly what you’re talking about! It is amazing to see the adults they become. All of the worries when they were babies and growing up about whether or not you were a good parent or doing the right thing is so worth it when you see the person they become. How exciting for your daughter to have that perspective on life – she must be so insightful and have so much empathy for peoples moods and emotions. 🙂

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