My Crochet World

I crochet pretty much everywhere. For the longest time, I’d have only one project on the go. It lurked in a bag & followed me around from room to room as I went about my day. I’d crochet as I ran the kids baths, as I waited for dinner to be ready, before I went to sleep. The hook would zoom through the yarn til the project was done & then the next one would be started. Now, I crochet smarter!

Currently, I’m the only crocheter in the family,at least locally. My great aunt crochets as well, but she lives back in Glasgow. So, when something fun & cute is trending on Facebook or Instagram, there’s a good chance I’ll be asked to make it!

There’s a stack of African flowers living in my handbag & keeping my hands busy when I’m travelling. A different colour scheme each month stops it getting too monotonous. My hands pretty much remember the pattern by now.

In the drawer, under the bed is a mish mash of yarn & bits & pieces. Usually there’s a mermaid blanket getting done. Something bulky & easy to pick up & put down again. The bedroom crochet has to be big enough to distract me when hubby decides to watch something with zombies in it. They’re not my cup of tea.

In the livingroom though, that’s where the hard core crocheting happens. A project bag lives on the table 99% of the time & I have an old sewing box that’s full of..guess what? YARN!

One of the current WIP’s, the Iron man blanket, hangs behind the livingroom door. Every time I catch a glimpse if it, I think its someone hiding. One of these days Iron mans going to give me a heart attack.

There’s a running joke that crocheters can watch a complete box set without knowing what any of the characters look like.  It’s not really a joke 😉

I’ve watched Spectre at least 5 times,  with no idea what James Bonds latest squeeze looks like.

I sometimes listen to podcasts when I’m crocheting but if they’re good, I get distracted & forget where I am in the pattern. Now, I mainly listen to audio books. My playlist right now consists of Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice and Derek Landy.

My favourite time to crochet is late afternoon. The light is great (usually) & the dog isn’t acting too mischievous. I can taken the inspiration from the day, colours & shapes that have caught my eye & work it into something solid. I’ll sit at the dining table and work away til its time for dinner. But truth be told………………..I’ll crochet anywhere 😉

Where do you crochet?


3 thoughts on “My Crochet World

  1. I mainly crochet on my living room sofa, but if I’m not driving somewhere then I’ll crochet on any form of public transit. I tend to bring something with me to my day job so I can get a bit done in the canteen on my break. I’ve also checked with my choir leader and he’s perfectly fine with me crocheting while singing at rehearsal every week!


  2. I’m giggling as I think about all of your little crochet stashes around the house! You’re like the James Bond of crochet!! Pulling hooks out of nowhere and attacking the wips!! I usually put a nature show or a historical documentary on tv when I’m crocheting. I have to be very careful when I set myself up on the recliner to crochet because I might fall asleep. 😀


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