Planning, prepping and pausing

Its that time of year when I look in my garden and start wondering what I want to grow and plant. Things go a little slower in Berwick so I get a little grace when it comes to sowing seeds and planting out!

Since this is my first year vegan, I’m thinking of growing lots of greens and beans. I always make space somewhere to grow sweetpeas, a family favourite. If I can get a cold frame built, we’ll have tomatoes too.

I’m still working my way through the DK yarn I have and that’s after I had a clear out a few weeks ago. I could do with designated yarn storage and have been finding some interesting things on Pinterest. A decent set of drawers with a retro make over would be to my taste for sure.

These are the thoughts I’m using to distract myself from the big issue. The thing thats tearing me up inside.

I have to hold my hands up in defeat in the Tunisian crochet along. The double spiral pattern just wasn’t working out for me.

When picking up a crochet hook made my stomach drop I knew I had to step away for the sake of my sanity. I’ve been crocheting for a long, long time and this is the first time I’ve given up on a pattern. After exhaustive research online I could only find 2 people IN THE WHOLE WORLD who had actually completed it, and they both tweaked the pattern :-/

That makes me feel slightly better. It’s not goodbye forever, though. All the times I restarted the pattern, I kept the ‘mistakes’. I’ve made loads of notes and posted lots of pics. It’s simply a pause, while I do other things. One day I’ll come back to it, not to complete it, but to fix it 🙂


pretty but wrong. Its goodbye for now!


2 thoughts on “Planning, prepping and pausing

  1. In my head there are bagpipes playing for the woeful tunisian spiral. But if you are anything like me this is going to nag at you all the time no matter how hard you try to distract yourself! I’m sure you are either going to come up with a solution/tweak to fix it, or pull it apart and make something even more beautiful with the yarn and promise to buy new yarn for when you feel ready to tackle the spiral again. 🙂 There are some very nice spiral patterns that are for standard crochet not tunisian so maybe you can make a creative compromise and give up the uniquely lovely look of tunisian stitch for a symmetrical flat spiral done in the less impressive but very easy to control double stitch. 😀


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