Waiting & remembering.

I’m waiting for my daughter to come home, she’s been to the theatre in Newcastle tonight watching Blood Brothers.
One of the things I love about this town is the effort the schools & clubs make to take the kids to the cities. We’re midway between Edinburgh and Newcastle, its easy to forget not everyone can just jump in the car or hop on the train for a day out.
My lot are in Glasgow at least once a month and Edinburgh/Newcastle frequently. After all, there’s no Hobbycraft in oor wee toon!
They’ve grown up seeing some of the same things I saw. The Greek Thomson buildings, Rennie Mackintosh’s stamp across Glasgow & The Burrell collection.
But they’re seeing things in their childhood that I never saw. Sitting on a train, watching Newcastle appear as if by magic, as they near the platform. Beaches with weird and wonderful things (alive & dead) washed up. The annual abandonment by the regions geese, who make such a racket that the dogs bark for ages and people stop in their tracks to watch. The night sky, so dark & overflowing with stars. No worries about light pollution here 😃
We went to the theatre alot too, when I was a kid. Mums friend was in a drama group so we went along quite often to watch. Of course, being a Glasgow girl meant there were trips to the Pavillion & the Kings as well.  As I got older the GFT captured my attention for a while. Places that took you away to other places, that’s what the theatre does to you.
Years later, I can still recall my own visits to the theatre. Dorian Grey still intrigues me.
I’d love to flip through the nostalgia of those days but, its my turn to pick up the tired traveller.
Until tomorrow, night all x


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