Newborn slippers- a free crochet pattern

After fighting with my efforts for the Tunisian CAL, I decided today to take a time out. I wanted to crochet but was getting a knot in my stomach at the thought of trying to work out this afghan. I went a wander on the internet instead 🙂

I found this lovely wee pattern on Pinterest.


It’s quite simple, takes around an hour to make up and I think uses less than 5 grams of the main colour, and scraps of the contrasting colour. I used a 4mm hook and Double Knit. Stylecraft special for babies (MC) and scraps of a green I had left over from the Dougie knitting pattern.

It was so nice to complete a project. To follow a pattern that I knew wasn’t going to cause me wrinkles, was a joy. While we don’t have any babies due in the family, I’m sure I’ll find a home for these wee beauties. I might even make more 🙂

I’m a much happier crocheter today!

LINKS – baby slippers by loganberry handmade, a free pattern.

Doug the caterpillar – a knitting pattern, free courtesy of Home Energy Scotland &                 designed by Helen Javes


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