No packed lunch required.

Its been a grey kind of day here today. I thought I’d share two of my current favourite photos.
The teapot is in the early stages of becoming an heirloom. It spent a few years in one of mums cupboards before being ‘upgraded’ to the top of my refrigerator. It’s now home for any 5p coins that come my way, and of course means I’m ready to play hostess should any giants come to tea 😊 WP_20170306_21_38_42_Rich
I shared this next photo on facebook & I think on instagram too, with the caption
“I told the dog to sit, lol

Jax is now 9months, weighs in at 4 stone and still growing. He’s been a joy to my family and I. We can’t imagine life without him, even though he’s partial to stealing balls of yarn.

InstagramCapture_a3c40f1a-c4e4-4c9e-9767-5c68741262bbI’ve been working on the spiral a bit today but for some reason my brain translates the pattern into gobbledygook, so it’s slow going. I’m kind of relying on my crochet instinct right now, and trying not to swear at my poor hook 😤
Things are quite quiet here just now, the local caravan parks have only just opened for the season. Fingers crossed lots of folk want to visit our wee walled town, its been half empty the last few years. Its hard to work out why people aren’t flocking to the town when there’s so much to see and do. The only thing we don’t have is a yarn festival, but we can always tag along to the St Abbs one, its gradually moving closer to us after all 😉 (its in Eyemouth now!)
Tomorrow, I think I’ll take all you lovely readers a wee tour of the town! How does that sound?
No packed lunches or walking boots required!
A wee teatime tour of a town that’s now quite Scotland & not quite England, but totally, totally unique.
So, until tomorrow, have a great night.



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