If at first you don’t succeed…..

Its so tempting to give something up when it gets difficult.
I’ve started a new blanket, its a pattern that I’m not completely comfortable with. I’m plodding along with it, so far I’ve restarted it twice. I’m 90% certain that I’ve got it right, its looking good but there’s that wee niggle that I’m going to get half way through and realise there’s a mistake at the start. Since its a spiral, any early mistakes are right in the middle.



I’ve missed a few blog posts too, which is really annoying me. I’m a third of the way through my #100daychallange. But, I keep reminding myself that I’m establishing a habit, trying to find my voice and sharing my crochetness.
To be fair, I was planning to write one yesterday after going to see Logan, but I ended up curled up in bed fighting a migraine 😞  I think it was brought on by the pure sadness of the movie. As my youngest daughter would say – it hits you right in the feels.
So today I’ve been crocheting a spiral, chilling with the kids and watching Life on Mars. If Gene Hunt doesn’t chase away migraines nothing will lol. I’m going to stick with it, til the spirals complete.


One thought on “If at first you don’t succeed…..

  1. First off – Crochetness! Love it – I have never heard that word before and I may have to steal it some! I absolutely love the way that pink and black look together – good luck on your spiral – it looks good so far!!


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