Another wordsearch!

I figured it’s about time I tried my hand at another wordsearch.  Today’s words are all the names of crochet stitches.

Here are today’s words:

Block               crocodile               lace               popcorn                 shell               bobble

double                linen           puff               single           cable         half                picot

ripple                   treble


Good luck and have fun. I’ll post the answers on Friday.

My first day of Lent has been taken up with yarn. Gathering up what I need for the CAL, clearing out to donate, working out what projects need stuff from the stash. My African flowers in March will be yellows, hopefully I can share the first of these tomorrow or Friday.

With the sun making more of an appearance and the wind chill dropping, its been almost mild here in North Northumberland. I really enjoy this weather, its not icy but the ground’s solid enough that I can walk the dogs in the fields without worrying about getting 6 inches of mud ingrained on the bottom of my boots 🙂

Yesterdays pancakes triggered a baking urge in me. There’s some folks in this house with a real taste for rock cakes, so I can see myself making a few batches this week.

My boyfriend and I went a run to Eyemouth tonight and on the way home he treated me to Chinese takeaway. It’s still a treat for me to have takeaway since I stopped eating meat. I have to say the variety available is fantastic, the veggie chow mein was delicious, but my favourite so far is the veggie korma.



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