Leaning into Lent

In a few hours it’ll be Lent, a period of reflection and preparation before Easter. When I was a kid Lent was easy. I went to a catholic school, so each morning we had mass before class. In my teenage years and beyond I never gave it more than a cursory nod. I gave up smoking routinely, abstinence from chocolate was another favourite.

Then one year, I decided not to buy yarn for Lent. It was rough, really rough. I hadn’t realised how much impulse shopping I done. It was also the longest 40 days of my life.  It made me consider why I bought so much, why I wanted so much.

This year I’ve decided to give up yarn again. In advance, I will be having 1 day off. Either Edinburgh yarn fest or st abbs yarn fest will be my ‘day off’. I’ve signed up for a Tunisian crochet along, which means using yarn from stash & free pattern.
This year will be much more challenging.

Even if you’re not religious, you can use the period to learn something new or give up a bad habit. Social media is a great place to get support and to mix with others doing the same. Pancake day and Easter Sunday are such high profile days in our western calendar that its a good, contained period of time.

Give it a go, whatever it is. Whatever you have always wanted to do, or to stop doing once & for all.


2 thoughts on “Leaning into Lent

  1. I signed up for 40 acts again, I always try to do their challenges. I like the idea of giving during lent, rather than giving up something (I quite like getting the days challenge by email, it makes me reflect a lot). Good luck with your yarn buying ban.


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