Work in progress (2)


I feel like I’ve been making this blanket for ages. I keep picking it up & putting it back down again.  I made most of the squares while travelling in 2016.
It didn’t matter whether it was bus, car, plane or train, I had a ball of wool and 4mm hook ready to do business.
There’s only one problem, as I see it. The coloured parts are Hayfield bonus DK, while the grey is stylecraft. When I was blocking the squares it wasn’t much of a problem. I got sick of blocking about a hundred squares or so ago (I’ve never been known for my patience) I just hope now it doesn’t become an issue.  Fingers crossed that it worked out ok!
The pattern itself came from Pinterest, a perler pattern. Its one of a set (the others being Captain America, Hulk and Thor) It shows how diverse charted patterns can be. One graph can cover hamma beads, cross stitch, c2c & pixel crochet, beading, mosaic making.  That’s what I love about being a crafter, there’s no true boundary.
I crochet because that’s where my passion lies, but it could just as easily be ChainMaille, beading, Quilling. All these pull at my attention from time to time.
But now, my attention is on Iron man, although I doubt he’ll ever be joined by the rest of the avenger hunks 😉



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