Storm Doris came over today. We didn’t get snow, we got rain and lots of it. It was a day for crumbles and cardigans. I didn’t do much crochet though as my hands are really, really dry.
For the last few months I’ve been using Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, it’s lovely and rich and it leaves my hands always feel great. I usually keep it in the crochet bag but today I couldn’t find it and none of the children had seen it. I ended up using an old tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but it wasn’t the same.

The rain was torrential at times, even the dog wouldn’t go out in it. I made a peach crumble and spent some quality time with my youngest, curled up on the sofa watching Murder, she wrote.
It’s been the closest we’ve had to a full on ‘snow day’ all season.
Now its late in the evening and the rain has eased but we’re warned that there’s more to come over the weekend. I was catching up with Legion, but my attention isn’t in it.
I’ve realised today how much I rely on being able to go out and walk, let the winds blow away the cobwebs and get my creative cogwheels turning. When I don’t get my walking done, I feel sluggish, physically and mentally. Along with the change in routine that school holidays bring, I’m really off my groove.
I guess that’s what’s getting tackled tomorrow.


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