More pets than people.

Today was one of those days where I’m sure the animals plot to get all my attention.

When we  got up, I was apprehensive. Last week my Ranchu goldfish started spawning and since I don’t want to breed them, I had separated the females out. Partly so there were no babies but mostly because goldfish breeding is a violent experience. The males basically push and shove the females til they can squeeze the eggs out (I know, TMI) In the process, its not uncommon for fish to lose scales, eyes, fins, and occasionally their lives.

I truly thought I’d be coming down to dead fish this morning. Either in the tank or the ‘sin bucket’ . but no, all present and accounted for.

I am particularly fond of my Ranchu girlie and I feel really guilty that I didn’t notice she was in danger. There was an earlier spawning but the fish are so young, I thought it was finished. my poor Reggie has lost all the scales along her back and on one side of her body.  I managed to save some from the bottom of the tank, as a reminder of what happens when I don’t pay attention to my fish.

After a weeks separation, the females were reintroduced  last night. Within 30 minutes, we’d removed the wee panda moor who seems to be the most aggressive of the males. He’s currently in solitary confinement.

So, water changes and feeding got done, that was the fish sorted and it was time for Jax. I always try to walk him while the kids are having breakfast as he can mooch something terrible. He’ll sit and cry at them til they share their cereal.

Our Labrador puppy get walked between 4 and 6 miles a day, and it only just tires him out. There’s days when I think he wont ever stop moving. So, off we went wandering and Jax got to smell all the smells and chase birds and find puddles and generally be a lab.

When we did get home, tired, muddy and hungry, it was all I could do to make some toast and fall onto the sofa. What with all the fresh air and a warm, cuddly dog lying at my side, I dozed off. I must have been needing it!

So today has been a kind of nothing day. nothing major, nothing critical, just me, the kids and the animals.

We’re getting prepared for Doris coming. Although there’s been so many ‘false alarms’ in recent years, part of me simply can’t believe that we’re going to get any snow, let along 20 cm. But we’re organised, there’s food in and uht milk, candles, batteries, somewhere.

Although God help me if the wifi goes down. I think the kids will revolt!

For now, I’m heading to bed, perhaps getting up to a white world in the morning, perfect for sledging and snowball fights.

til tomorrow 🙂


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