The day that got away.

Mondays are usually my chance to have time to myself, to do some decorating, wandering round shops or just relaxing and crafting. I knew today was different when my other half woke me at 7:10am and asked if I’d picked up my sons train tickets for the day. Since the answer was no, we had a frantic quarter hour trip to train station for me to get tickets from machine & drop son off for train. Train was running 40 odd minutes late so I needn’t have raced :-\
Things didn’t get much better when I got home. Turns out I forgot to put girls school uniforms in the dryer, we got the essentials dried just in time!
So, by 8:30am I had gone from relaxed(ish) to mega stressed twice. Usually, when I’m stressed I’ll take Jax an extra long walk to decompress a bit & get some perspective but I’ve been cutting back my walking recently due to a knee injury (en famille have been helping more!) but this morning……..well, my knee didn’t feel that bad, I’d taken pain meds & it wasn’t icy or anything, so we decided to go a wander. 2 hours & 4 miles later I regretted it.
Finally home, Jax had a nap & since I couldn’t really bend my knee I thought I’d sort out the fish tank. This turned into a full water change & re-decorating. If you’re not a fish person, take it from me, this takes a while. By the time I’d finished that, the girls were home from school and Jax had woken up from his nap. I feel like I’ve done nothing all day. The things I wanted to do will have to get squeezed into tomorrow.
But the dog’s happy and so are the fish so I guess that’s alright 🙂


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