A lazy Sunday.

It’s funny how time flies bye when you are engrossed in something. Today I was working on a pattern I’ve designed myself , it’s Scottish themed and I’ve been aching to dedicated some time to it. Having left the girls in charge of Jax the lab puppy, who is still going through a chewy phase, I spent what I thought was an hour before lunch on the pattern, only to look up and discover it was tea time!  I’ve still got a few bits to tweak  but I’m hoping to share some first photos of it later in the week.
So, how did you like the work search? The answers are in the photo below, give yourself a round of applause if you spotted the spelling mistake (highlighted in red!) I had a lot of fun making it so perhaps I’ll make more in the future.
Tomorrow I’m re-doing the fish tank so any crochet laying about the living room has been packed away in hall cupboard for safety. I’m not worried about it getting wet, but Jax is sneaky & well known to steal yarn when I’m distracted. I tend to feel uncomfortable if I cant get my hands on a hook & yarn wherever I am, it’s a comfort thing.
Until tomorrow, night all xx



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