Slash the stash – Day 3

I’ve had a great day today, hanging out with my son and our 8 month old Labrador, Jax. Having a puppy in the house is a lot like having a really big toddler……. with teeth. My bookcase has become a shadow of its former self, all my decent books have been hidden in the drawer under my bed. While I was packing them away, I found a tonne of yarn I’d completely forgotten about. About 40 balls of yarn, no two matching. From 2 ply to super chunky, it’s all in there. Since I don’t really knit any more, it’s all bound for the crochet stash, except there’s no space in either of the stash suitcases. How am I supposed to clear this stuff out? I can’t keep it all, that goes beyond a stash and over to hoarding. It’s been nagging at me all day, I’d had it all piled up on the bed, sectioned off into colours, thicknesses even textures. It was nearly impossible, but I eventually got there.
Which is why, when I should have been making tea,  I was standing in my room with a bin bag, picking up balls of wool with my eyes closed saying ‘sorry, sorry’. When the bag was full, I tied it up and have it sitting in the cupboard to go to the charity shop first thing in the morning.  The wool that survived had been tucked away safely under the bed. For now.


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