Day 1. A fish post

I’ve had little time to crochet today. After having a great walk with Jax and getting some chores done it was time to do the tank.
I adore my aquarium. It’s a boyu 250 litre with a curved front and is currently home to my four goldfish and a gang of danios (aka the punks!)
The tank also has  a filter built into the hood. When I was first going through my fish ‘obsession’ I had old school filters,  bulky black rectangles looming around the back corners of aquariums. This new one is,well, odd. Its like a tiny version of a garden sprinkler. A few months down the line I’m still not sure I like it.  The fish seem happy enough though.
My current aquarium amigo’s are:  a fantail called Tiny, who is going through a bit of a growth spurt now. One of the two original fish, his tank mate died not long after I brought them home  😦
Ronnie and Reggie the ranchus were next to join us and our newest arrival is Hercule, the panda moor. They live quite happily with a gang of danios that my other half brought home to ‘keep Tiny company’.
I’m feeding them Saki Hakari goldfish food along with gel food and blood worms.
So, that’s my tank.
I love having animals and plants around me, I find it calming & it boosts my creativity.
Even if it does take hours to change the water 🙂




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