Get ready..

Hi everyone, how has 2017 been for you all so far?
We’ve been busy bees here. Mammy bear has moved house, I’m nearly back to 100% fitness after going a few rounds with pneumonia least year. The girls and I are taking part in #veganuary so we’ve been animal product free for 28 days and counting.
I turn 40 this year so I’ve been looking at a few areas of life that I want to change or tweak. My health is high up the list, as is my crocheting. I’ve decided that this year is my year 🙂
To hit the ground running, so it speak, I’ve decided to do 100 posts in 100 days. I figure since I have so many mad plans popping up in my imagination, I can use the blog as a sounding board, share my ideas & my fails 😉
So stay tuned for some out of the box, insane, amazing stuff……and it all kicks off tomorrow x


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