In the nick of time.

I’ve been poorly the past few weeks so feel like I’ve lost a month. Normally this would result in a few “hmmm” moments, but when it happens in December……….oh,boy!
I went Christmas shopping this morning. In between frantic people rushing around was little old me, sauntering along and trying not to cough on everyone.
My vision of a handmade Christmas suffered the most. One thing got completed (there’s about six that are half made) – mums blanket. I was literally trimming off yarn ends as she was walking up to the house, it was nerve wracking.
Now I’ve left Christmas to the last minute before, I’m famous for it (among family &  friends are least) but this year, knowing I couldn’t get prepared for the celebrations, was devastating. What if I didn’t have enough things in for the kids? What if my nephew doesn’t like his gift? And what on earth do you buy for the man who had everything? There’ll be no 15 seater Christmas dinner at my house this year.  The kids will be ‘learning’ how to cook for Christmas & I’ll be staying in my jammies supervising.

But do you know what? There’s been days in the last few weeks where I just wanted to breathe properly, and one or two where I didn’t think I’d see Christmas. No amount of presents or food or telly can make up for those feelings. Nothing can take away those memories. Now that I’m better, I’m just glad the worst is over. I’m not worried about gifts or the lack of deccies in the house, I’m just glad we’re all together and all ok. When I go to Mass later with the kids & mum, I’ll be thinking of the people who weren’t as fortunate as me; those who didn’t get better, who don’t have the luxury of buying gifts for others and especially those who cant celebrate their faith.
I doubt I’ll take such things for granted again.


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