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Its been nearly two months since I last updated my blog, its shameful :-\

Things have been great here in north Northumberland. Jax the lab puppy is nearly five months old and is teething.  We joined a local puppy class and he seems to enjoy it. At least, he doesn’t bark too much & he hasn’t peed in class…….yet. Growing up with terriers, its strange having a young dog that doesn’t automatically run for the hills when off the lead.

A family friend donated a fish tank to me and inadvertently reactivated my obsessive goldfish owner genes. Many, many years ago, I kept goldfish. Not just any goldfish but oriental goldfish (as we called them in the ’80’s) I had fish that won prizes. I was really, really into goldfish, and now, in my house stands a stunning, curved front 250 litre fish tank!  Just a few weeks into having it & I’m already choosing my fancy finned pets, ordering gel food and setting up a fish list on amazon. It’s all coming back to me!
Crochet wise, the hooks’ been busy. I’m taking part in my first CAL (crochet a long). Its run by stylecraft and is for a carousel blanket. As you can see from the photo below, its a fantastic visual pattern and I’m really enjoying working through, knowing there’s lots of others doing the same thing 😁


This one is being packed away for mums Christmas. The pixel blanket is coming along nicely, hopefully it looks like iron man, its meant to!


Off to cook Sunday dinner now, but I’ll be back soon,
promise xxx


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