Happy Holiday!

Well, it’s been all go here! No sooner had the schools finished when it was time for camp and my youngest is off being a cadet. I’ve still got my eldest at home, although at 19 he’s rarely seen outside his room. That’s not really fair on him, as he is an illustrator and I know he’s sitting up there drawing comics, but subtle hints that he might want to spend more time downstairs with the family are politely ignored.My eldest daughter has been a great help in the last fortnight, there’s a lot of organising to do because………………….WE’RE GETTING A PUPPY!

I’m definitely the most excited, and it took a while to decide between puppy or rescue dog. It wasn’t an easy choice but in the end we decided a puppy would be best for our family, and after searching found a breeder with a great reputation and a litter available.  Our new arrival is coming home tomorrow. Today is really dragging. It’s such a strange experience, akin to waiting on a baby’s arrival. I keep finding things in the house that could be dangerous, suddenly I feel like we’ve been living in a death trap (we don’t, honestly 🙂 ) Puppy proofing the house takes a lot longer than I thought it would. I’m considering de-snailing the garden, as my sister Chihuahua keeps finding them and bringing them into house to ‘play’ with. There’s wires and spaces and houseplants and…hundreds of stuff :-/

There’s also been quite a few mermaid blankets made, wrapped in plastic and put away safely so they don’t get dog hair on them! I’d never thought about it before but dog hair is sneaky.

I was raised in a family of rescue dogs. All our dogs ‘chose’ us, and we had mongrels of one sort or another. I always said when I got a dog of my own I’d get a staffy. I grew up with one and know what loving and comical dogs they are. But my other half hasn’t ever lived with a staffy, let alone a rescue dog. Between us we have 5 teenagers, which I thought would be perfect for a robust, energetic dog, especially now the kids are getting into Pokemon go! With one away, there’s still ongoing talk about who is coming with us to pick up the pup*

After lots (& lots &lots&lots) of discussions I realised it would be cruel to bring a dog into the house that wasn’t wanted 110% by everyone in the house. We decided to get a Labrador puppy instead (my kids haven’t shared a home with a dog for longer than a few days).  Until the day I can give a staffy a home, I’ll keep crocheting blankets for shelters.

This is the first pic of our newest agent, Jax  He’ll be 9 weeks on friday 🙂


*cadet daughter knows all about the puppy and knows he will be here when she gets home, I’m not going to ‘surprise’ her with him. I don’t think that’s a good idea, and have been brought up to know that Pets aren’t Presents. (am I the only one that remembers that campaign in the 80’s?) She has even left a sleep t-shirt for him to smell until she returns so he recognises her scent! Good thinking for a 13 year old.


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