Lalylala to the rescue!

Buying gifts for my mum has become a bit of a nightmare. In recent years she’s been going through a minimalist phase and while previously we added to her elephant collection (she’d been collecting since I was young), what do you buy for the mum that doesn’t need anything.

Cue Lalylala. While I’ve made several of these for friends I hadn’t made one for mum. She liked them all; the fox, the toadstool and especially the lamb. So I made her the wee lamb, with 4 ply rather than DK and a 2.5mm hook. It’s some of the smallest work I’ve ever done as I don’t really do small or delicate. To top it all off I disguised it, so mum wouldn’t realise what it was. It worked a treat and went down very well.

That’s what is so good about crocheting toys as gifts, they’re always a surprise!



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