My (current) favourite Tunisian Patterns

These are a few of the best patterns that I’ve come across on the internet recently. Usually my curiosity is hooked while I’m wandering round Pinterest and before I know it, the yarn haul is getting pulled out and the hooks are being warmed up.

DISCLAIMER – I haven’t made them all yet and all patterns are available publicly and for free. Enjoy.

  1. The Crochet beanie  HERE – this pattern is my all time favourite mostly because you make it sideways, and there’s something about watching it ‘appear’ that really appeals to me 🙂 Add a few extra stitches or a band if, like me, you have a lot of hair or like your hats a bit looser. Very quick to make and great stash buster.The patterns by Becky Rainford
  2. The Tank Top HERE – I haven’t gotten round to making this one yet, but it looks so lovely. Definitely near the top of my to do list. Pattern by Amy Depew
  3. Tunisian Slippers HERE – this pattern is in Japanese but there are charts and photos. Toe curling cuteness. I’m making these this weekend & expect once the girls see them they’ll be begging for their own pair.
  4. Spiral Blanket HERE – I have started this pattern (more than once), its not the clearest of patterns but, by golly, the effect is worth the effort. Worth a blog post in itself, which I’ll get round to soonish. Pattern by Margaret Zellner.

So, this is what’s been distracting me recently, luckily there’s a few would-be gifts among them. I’ll post photos of my wares once I’ve finished working my way through them.

bye for now xxx


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