Crochet to go – Part 2

I’ve recently been crocheting a pixel blanket. If you haven’t heard of these, it’s a blanket made of individual coloured squares (think cross stitch pattern!) It’s the ideal project to have in a crochet-to-go bag. I spend most of my travelling time making these wee squares and have a designated tv show to spend time weaving in the ends.
Since I need 1040 4cm squares for the design (IT’S A SECRET 🙂 ) any spare minutes I can snatch for crocheting are crucial.
In the closet there are several crochet-to-go bags. I made up these bags after I missed a train because I couldn’t decide what crochet to work on that day.
Each has a 4 mm hook and a couple of balls of DK in them, so I can just grab and go. I use the small carrier bags given out in shops and I get my 5 pence worth. It’s therapeutic being able to just work & not worry about a pattern. I can usually make a dozen or so on one return journey.
At the last count I had made 783.
Only 253 to go!


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