Crochet to go……part 1

Several years ago, I’d sit at home and crochet. These days I’ll crochet pretty much anywhere, at any time. Here are some of the places I’ve crocheted recently:

  • in a hospital waiting room
  • on an aeroplane (yes, you can get standard size wooden or plastic hooks onboard, but check with airline first!)
  • Beach side and pool side in Greece
  • On my daily bus trip
  • waiting my turn at school parents’ evening
  • In train station, on the train
  • watching a movie/ listening to podcasts


So, what’s the difference? It just dawned on me today, crocheting isn’t my hobby any more, it’s part of who I am. At first I was nervous about peoples looks and curious glances not to mention the occasional comment (almost always positive). Now, I see the time I can add crocheting to my daily actions as a blessing. I’ll be crocheting for many, many years to come, showing anyone who asks how to crochet too!


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